Girl with eyes slightly open while wearing under eye pads

Why do we ask our clients to keep their eyes closed during a lash extension service?

Lash Extensions are applied to the natural lash with Lash Adhesive. Lash Adhesives contain Cyanoacrylate which is the main bonding ingredient found in your glue. As the glue transforms from being in a liquid state to a harden state (referred to as curing or polymerizing), a chemical reaction is taking place which results in a fume being released as the glue cures. It's this fume that often causes your clients eyes to burn and water and can cause chemical burns to the whites of their eyes if they open them prior to you completing your post treatment steps (such as using Super Bonder, Nano Mister, etc.).  

If opening their eyes results in the clients eyes watering, this can impact the retention of the lash set. As lash artists we know we need H20 to cure our glue. However, too much glue can have an adverse effect and cause the glue to shock cure. Shock cure causes the the bonds of the glue to become weak and brittle and will result in the extensions falling out prematurely. 

Another reason we ask our clients to keep their eyes shut is for their safety.  The tweezers we use are typically very sharpe and we want to minimize the risk of harming our clients by ensuring our tweezers are not near their eyes when their eyes are open. Hopefully our clients give us a heads up that they are about to open their eyes. 

What are some of the other reasons you ask your client to keep their eyes closed during a service?

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